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FIAT 500 by Diesel

FIAT 500 by Diesel

Diesel hat am Sonntag auf der Fashion Week den neuen „FIAT 500 by Diesel“ vorgestellt. Der limitierte „Fiat 500 by Diesel“ ist in drei exklusiv für Diesel gestalteten Colorways zu bestellen und kommt Anfang 2009 im Januar auf den Deutschen Markt.

Mehr Pics und ein Interview mit Diesel-Chef Renzo Rosso gibt’s nach dem Jump.

Q & A mit Renzo Rosso

Why did you choose to collaborate with a brand like FIAT?
Because 500 represents an icon of Made in Italy worldwide

In the past did you think about possible collaborations with other brands like FIAT?
Throughout the years we have been contacted several times by different car companies, but with 500 there was a special match and many common values which we wanted to investigate together!

How do you think that this collaboration between Diesel & Fiat will impact the business of Diesel?
It will show to all our fans around the world what kind of touch‘ our irreverent attitude and fresh approach can have in different fields and on different products

Is the target of this 500 the same target of Diesel?
Yes, absolutely. We are talking to the same kind of people loving quality and Made in Italy products; people looking for creativity and innovation that we (Diesel and 500) both represent

Did you give any input for the creative concept?
Very much so! From the colours‘ choice to all the details inside and outside the car, from the first sketches we saw till the final production

Do you think this project will develop into other partnerships with Fiat? Are you planning to develop this project further? Other colours or models?
At the moment we are concentrating on this important project, the very first car for Diesel in 30 years!

Was it planned to launch it for the 30 years of Diesel or is it by chance?
It was not planned to celebrate the 30 years of Diesel but thanks to the great cooperation between the two brands we were able to have the car ready by October this year, same time of the events we are planning all around the world to celebrate Diesel with our fans!

What do you think that Fiat can bring to the Diesel brand?
We always look for the best possible partner who is able to meet our needs in terms of quality and know-how in whatever we do. Fiat represents the ideal partner for this project with their excellent expertise/know-how, professionalism and enthusiasm that is injected in the project as well as all the values of Made in Italy

What do you think off Marchionne?
Sergio Marchionne is the man who walked away FIAT from a very difficult period, bringing an international and modern way of doing business into a conservative sector like automobile. I feel very much in line with him and his way of doing business

How closely did the Diesel team work with the Fiat team throughout the design process?
Very close. The design process has been characterized by the melting of the two creative team, Diesel & Fiat, making this project amazing and special

Did Diesel bring a new way of working to Fiat?
Diesel brought its fresh and irreverent attitude!

What did you enjoy most about working with the Fiat team?
Their passion for this project and the will of following us in all the crazy ideas we wanted to put in place!

Who would you like to see driving the Fiat 500 by Diesel?
Cool people, of course! And I’m sure all the Diesel fans around the world will like it

Why did Fiat choose Diesel?
I think that we believe in the same values: passion and innovation. And we work in order to spread Italian creativity all over the world

Why Diesel chose Fiat?
The FIAT 500 was the only car we could do, as we share a lot of values. And we walk in the same direction that of giving importance and prestige to Italian creativity

What is the image situation of this car, as a second car or for daily use, etc.?
The 500 by Diesel is for any occasion, just like our denim!

What is so special about this car and what is the difference between the Diesel version and the other Fiat 500?
We worked a lot on the details, giving to the product a lot of exclusive touches.
The colours for examples are unique: a special green, the same of my private jet, which we created and was not used in the car industry before, a special kind of bronze selected again to personalize our car from the others; the many Diesel personalizations (the Mohican head of the historical Diesel logo, our For Successful Living claim, a special touch on the wheels, etc.)

Do Diesel and FIAT share similar brand values?
Both brands are promoter of cool – putting design first

Can someone customize their 500 by Diesel?
It would be everybody’s dream and we hope to realize it in the next future!

Can the car swim or fly?
When we create something new we do it always thinking of all dreams our fans around the world may have, but I don’t think we were able to make the car swim or fly… yet!

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